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Crossroads Inn – the beginning of a new adventure!

In the world of Role Playing Games, usually every adventure begins in a tavern and every adventure ends in one. When it comes to us, it’s a little different. In our game, the tavern is the adventure itself. Welcome to the world of Crossroads Inn!

Screenshot from the early stage of the project.

The idea for the game emerged 10 years ago when our lead designer Patryk Pietraszkiewicz was sitting with his friends in the “Piwnica Świdnicka” inn situated in his hometown of Wrocław. It is one of the oldest pubs in Europe and the climate you experience at this place is really unique. Chatting about its history, they began to wonder how this place must have looked a few hundred years ago? Who worked there? What kind of people visited? It was that moment, when Patryk came with an idea for a tavern simulator. And because he’s been designing games since he was a kid, he immediately began to put it into practice. You can find one of the shots of the early stage of the game above.

Kraken Unleashed team at work.

Quickly it turned out that the project exceeds the capabilities of one man. Patryk reached out for help and soon met Michał Gembicki. This veteran of gaming industry who worked on such hits as “The Witcher 3” and creator of Klabater soon managed to gather a team around the project. They were people necessary to develop the graphic and narrative layer of the Crossroads Inn. Then the work started in full swing. Today, after many months of intense effort, we show you the first glimpses of the game. This is the most intense stage of work on this project and there is still much to be done. The atmosphere of an old inn, however, is already here. We hope you enjoy the Crossroads Inn as much as we do and that you will take part in this adventure with us!