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Check out game screenshots!

Curious how the game looks? Want to feel the atmosphere of your inn at this very moment? We have something especially for you. Take a look at screenshots from the Crossroads Inn!

As an innkeeper of Crossroads Inn, you will be able to freely build and expand your venue. Plan the location of your rooms carefully and make the layout of your tavern as functional as possible.

The game will give you an opportunity to hire representatives of various professional groups. Among them you will find cooks, guards and courtesans. Furthermore you will also be able to accept the services of bards, whose unique performances will give you temporary bonus to sell drinks and dishes of your inn.

And remember – running a tavern is not just business calculations! Be sure that a number of unforgettable characters will visit your venue. Some newcomers will threaten you. Others will bring unique occasions to enhance your inn, hire new employees and get more coin.

Your duties will also include ensuring the continuous supply of goods. The offer of your inn must respond to various needs of your customers. Find the best supplier and make a fortune by setting the highest possible prices for beverages, dishes and services.

Regardless of the difficulties and temporary failures, one thing you can be sure of. That Martyn – your mentor and closest friend – will always be there to help you. Together, you will create an inn that will be on the lips of people for centuries to come!