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Meet Martyn – a warrior in tavernkeepers clothing!

One of the leading characters in the world of Crossroads Inn is Martyn Bradver. Learn the story behind creation of this character and see what decided of his final shape!

When we started working on Martyn, we planned it to be a players avatar. However, this idea was quickly abandoned and we began to think of him more as a tool to facilitate the narrative layer of the game. In practice he was to become a kind of mentor for the hero of our game, with whom he can always talk and decide on his actions. 

When these decisions were made, our concept artist took the matters over and began to work. With the first drawings he tried to find the right personality and tone for Martyn. Something that defines the character and shows who our mentor actually is? At this stage, Jakub came up with dozens of propositions. For a moment, we even thought Martyn could have lost his leg during some war and has to use crutches.

Finally, after agonising deliberations, we managed to find the right features for Martyn. The next stage of the process involved choosing clothes and attributes of the character. A dirty apron and a mug in his hand suggest his current occupation. One can easily say that he’s been around when it comes to taverns.

The attentive eye, however, traces a large knife at his waist and a bandage covering the scar on his hand. These attributes point to the hidden side of Martyn. That as a matter of fact he’s an old soldier who fulfills the secret mission of his king. Was it not for the order of his ruler, he would certainly never have been in the business of serving dishes and drinks at the Crossroads Inn.

Subsequently the work on the 3D model of Martyn began. All characters in the game use the same rig so that there is no need to create additional animations. Martyn was a special challenge because he has a lot more weight than the other models. Therefore, during his “skinning” a lot of meticulous work had to be done.

In the end, we managed to create a character that is in our opinion the epitome of the perfect innkeeper – with whom each of us would gladly sit over a beer and confide our problems. We hope that your impression of Martyn will be alike!