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Gamescom, here we come!

It’s time to bring the tavern to a larger crowd. Between the 21st and the 23rd of August, we’ll be a part of the games fair in Cologne GAMESCOM! It is the biggest such an event in Europe and this year there will be over 800 exhibitors presenting their games – Klabater with Crossroads Inn is among them. Our booth will be displayed in the B2B hall.

We’ve been working hard to prepare for the fair. You can see the project of our booth above. We have a lot of different gadgets to promote the game, but most of all we were focussed on the presentation of the gameplay. For now, it’s designated to be shown only to the journalists and people from the industry but soon it’ll also be available for the players to see. We ask you for a little bit of patience. In the meantime, please follow our Twitter and Facebook accounts. We’ll be sharing our experiences there from the days spent on Gamescom.