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How to recruit a Bard?

In most RPG games, a Bard plays a minor role. He rather serves as a decoration to the plot and the developers tend not to involve him in the gameplay too much. When it comes to the Crossroads Inn, however, the situation is completely different. Bards, as the autonomous NPCs, with whom you can collaborate, are one of the crucial elements of the game. Having the desired performer in your venue gives a lot of benefits and can really push the game forward. The fundamental question that every respected innkeeper asks himself is how do you bring a Bard to your tavern?


First, you have to meet two conditions. There has to be a stage in your tavern, and you have to be able to lodge him in a separate room. Furthermore, every Bard has specific preferences and affiliation. If the performer is famous among the Outlaws and admires rum, then having a high renown among them and selling that kind of a drink will boost the chances of him showing up in your tavern. This also works the other way. If the amount of visiting Outlaws drops and you’re out of rum, there is a chance that your precious Bard leaves. Nevertheless, it’s worth it to host one in your tavern.

That’s because each Bard provides you with specific benefits. He can provide for example a higher demand among your clients to use the gambling tables or a financial bonus when employing new workers. Above all, every Bard gives a performance. When he gathers enough inspiration points, you can order him to start the show, during which your tavern is filled with a special aura. Because of it, some guests will start to dance. They also order more food and drinks, significantly boosting your income. You should remember, however, that each performance has a chance of a critical fail. In that scenario, instead of dancing, the guests will start a fight and will be less willing to order any food or drink.

The basic version of the game will include 6 unique Bards. Hubu Gross will enthrall the Townfolk with his sentimental ballads. Mischievous Alteu will tease his audience and make the noble ladies blush and freakish Winton will use his fantastic gadgets to enact the most famous battles of Yorevale and Untermach which will inspire the Adventurers to search for a new adventure.