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The Workers – without them this wagon is not going anywhere.

Your workers play an extremely important role in Crossroads Inn. Without them, the tavern cannot function properly. What tasks do they carry out? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Find out all about it by reading this article.

If you’re looking for a good worker, there is one place you must visit. It’s the labour market and you can enter it by opening a function on the right side of the interface panel. Here you can find out who is available, on what financial conditions and which one of 5 worker classes does she/he represents. If you’re unable to find the right person, just wait a few days. New candidates will surely emerge.

In the labour market panel, you’ll find all the data about the candidates. Beginning with their name, a short biography, expected salary, and finally – unique characteristics. But be careful when you start analyzing them. One candidate might have a “diligent” characteristic, which is associated with a higher effectiveness at work, and the other might have a “drunkard” characteristic, which makes him steal alcohol from your storage room. The former naturally requires higher wages, while the latter is cheaper.

Each worker is described by specific parameters that determine his usefulness in the game. Experience bar indicates progress, and filling it allows the worker to reach the next level. These are directly connected with its effectiveness and determine a chance to achieve a “job well done” effect or “critical success” effect. Another parameter is loyalty. It illustrates the level of a workers attachment to the tavern. The lower it is, the higher the chance for your employee to leave. The Mood parameter indicates his willingness to undertake a new task. It can be undermined by negative working conditions – such as rats. Whereas when it comes to the condition parameter, it indicates how long can your worker go on without having to rest.   

After reaching the tenth level, every worker changes his rank. This achievement has a vast influence on all of his parameters. The most valuable worker is the one of the highest – the 30-th – level. That’s because she/he provides your other workers with additional performance bonuses. Unfortunately, only one such employee of a kind can be hired in your tavern.  

The workers will choose and complete their task on their own. You, however, as an innkeeper, have a possibility to micromanage them. You can praise their efforts, give reprimands, send on and call from a break. The actions that you undertake will affect their parameters. Depending on the class, each worker also has special abilities.

When it comes to Caretakers, it’s obtaining gossips. The workers from this class are mostly responsible for what is going on in the main hall. They take care of the guests needs, give out dishes and drinks, but are also able to prepare simple meals. Additionally, they wash dirty dishes and clean out the rooms.

The next category of workers are the Laborers. Their main objective is to carry the wares. However, they also engage in other physical activities outdoors – like gardening and taking care of the livestock. They’re also able to carry out minor repairs. Whereas their special ability is accomplishing the tasks on the map. In places like “forest clearance”, they are able to gather wood or pick cane fruit. After sending them to cities and villages they are able to obtain blueprints of new objects you can put in your tavern.

One of the most important classes is the Kitchen Staff. The members of this class take care of preparing the dishes and other kitchen related tasks. They also tend to objects that deliver food products: e.g. bread, wine, or sausages. Among the special abilities of this class, you will find the trips to the other towns and villages to learn new recipes and inventing the new recipes on their own.    The  most peculiar class is probably the Scoundrel. They are criminals, but strictly dependent on your will. Their main objective is running the gambling tables. And if there are no customers willing to play, they roam the tavern in search of them. Their special ability is pickpocketing and hooking up with fences, who offer stolen wares.The last class of standard workers is the class of Watchmen. These people are extremely valuable when your tavern has expanded and started to bring in the crowds. That’s when the fights, thefts, and arson take place in large numbers. If you are able to skillfully deploy your Watchmen throughout your tavern, you’ll be able to prevent those undesired events.

By picking your staff from these five classes, you are able to gather a right team to manage your tavern and guarantee that it’ll bring an income. Take care of them and they will bring you wealth and power, treat them unjust and you will lose all your belongings and go bankrupt.