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Vedetas – the Daughters of the Moon.

Vedetas play a significant role in Delcrys. Dabbling in harlotry, they are an object of desire and contempt for numerous people. At the same time, they are feared and able to remain independent. All because of their power to cast curses, bestowed upon them by the deity of the moon. At least that is what people believe! Because of that, everyone is very careful to not offend them. Harming one of the Vedetas is perceived as bringing a huge misfortune to the whole family of a culprit. 

Vedetas come from houses established by those of them, who because of their age are no longer practicing their profession, but at the same time gained enough wealth and prestige. People call them the Homes of the Moon. They serve as a shelter for orphaned children and women in need. Those who display beauty and talent will acquire various skills under a strict supervision of the house owner. When they’re ready, they leave the Home of the Moon and embark on a journey, taking the name of Vedeta. 

When it comes to your inn, their importance is hard to overestimate. Just like bards, they require a separate chamber. At the same time, however, they turn a large profit for you and make your clients more willing to come back to your inn. Additionally, each of them has unique social affiliations. Choosing a specific Vedeta will be crucial for defining the social trait of your tavern. 

One of the Vedetas, particularly admired by representatives of Nobles and Distressed, is Kii. This beauty, who comes from the tribe of Ilits, one of the Courier tribes, is most famous for her skillful massage and lyre playing technique. She is rather taciturn and minimalistic in her expression. After leaving the house of Madame Yori in Couriers Stronghold, she moved to Trevenoux, where a bunch of infatuated bards created numerous poems on her behalf. Life was good for her, but a sudden friction with a wife of a duke, who used her services, forced her to leave the town and seek her fortune elsewhere.