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We are launching a crowdfunding campaign! KICKSTARTER starts on 12 February 2019

We are preparing for the launch of a crowdfunding campaign for the Crossroads Inn project on Kickstarter in less than two weeks time. The game, in which players will play the role of owners of their own tavern, will debut on PC and Xbox One in Q4 this year. The studio wants to raise USD 30k for the expansion of the title. The collection will start on February 12th.

We decided to engage our community and reach new fans by organizing a crowdfunding action on Kickstarter. This will allow us to expand the game and add elements that will certainly make the gameplay more enjoyable for players. We want to increase the number of cut-scenes, expand the music layer and involve into the project top class lectors. Additionally, we hope that a successful campaign will also help to increase the promotional range of our production.

Crossroads Inn is a game combining genres – management sim and RPG. The game is created by Kraken Unleashed studio in Warsaw. In Crossroads Inn players will become the owner of a tavern located in the heart of the fairy-tale land of Delcrys, face the hardships of running their own bar and will take part in an epic adventure that may lead them even to the throne of the kingdom. Kraken Unleashed also wants to involve the game community in the project and invite them to participate in a collection on Kickstarter. We are currently working on the beta version of the game development.

– “Those who decide to back our project will get access to early access, unique gifts and additional in-game content. What is important, players will be able to give us their comments and observations, which may decide about the final appearance of the project – their voices are the most important for us”. – adds Michał Gembicki, head of Klabater.

The campaign on Kickstarter is scheduled to start on 12 February 2019 and will last 30 days.