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WOW! YOU MADE IT! $30.000 collected 4 days before the deadline!

Long weeks of researching, discussing, creating and collecting the materials, designing the graphics and the videos, adjusting the pledges and then when the campaign was finally live… 

Refreshing the Kickstarter’s site every 2 minutes… around the clock. Probably, if the campaign lasted longer than 30 days it would break up our families

But… it was totally worth it, because on the way we met you –  the best backers in the world…. and it was you who made us reach the finish line happily. 

Once again – we wanted to thank each of 1010 of you (so far) for being an inspiration and motivation for hustling everyday harder.
We couldn’t expect so many ideas, brilliant questions and such commitment on your side to make this game better. We are making this game for you and your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

We are sure that this Kickstarter campaign is helping us a lot to understand your expectations and we can guarantee that during last month we’ve already implemented changes and new features mainly because you, as the future players of Crossroads Inn, asked us and suggested to do it. 

For example we decided to implement new languages, the possibility of romances between the employees or to develop the bards more widely and many more. Other suggestions we are still discussing and we will keep you updated about them! 

Don’t forget that this is not the end of our bond! After the end of Kickstarter you will get an access to our Discord channel where you will be able to discuss all kind of topic connected with the game. Both with the developers and other members of the Crossroads Inn’s community! 

And remember! The Kickstarter campaign is not over yet!

We still have more than 3 days until the end of the campaign, during which we can still collect a lot and unlock one or more of our additional goals! The first one is: 

$34,000 – Scenario editor and Steam Workshop integration 

Achieving this goal will allow us to transfer some of our workforce to create an editor for maps and game scenarios, which will be integrated with Steam Workshop.

We still would like to ask you to spread the word about the campaign among your friends!

Kraken Unleashed Team.