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This is the day! Today we are launching exclusive beta tests for our Kickstarter backers!

 Finally – this is the day! 

After weeks of waiting we would like to share the access to the exclusive beta version of Crossroads Inn.

We have just sent the first keys to the promised beta version of Crossroads Inn! Please note, that we are doing it manually so some of you might get the key tomorrow or even on Thursday. We are sorry for that -we cannot make it any faster – we don’t want to be classified as spammers by Google!:)

Regarding the beta – please note, that it is not the final version of the game. There is still a lot of things that need polishing or require further work and improvements. We are aware of that!

So here is the deal. We would like to ask You for a help  – if You will encounter some mischievous bugs or You will get stuck in a loophole, don’t be afraid to shout out to us on our dedicated Discord channel.

Your opinions are very important to us – we will use them to improve the game, find a proper balance and develop final game in a direction our community wants it.

Remember to check you spam box and if you don’t get it by Friday – just let us know  – we leave no man behind!

Thank You and we wish you a good fortune in Delrycs!