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It’s time for the Crossroads Inn monthly update!

Dear Innkeepers!

It’s time for our monthly update!


First of all, we are really happy because our team is growing and we have some really talented colleagues on board! 

The graphic design team has been boosted with Mateusz and Paweł! 

Szczepan, the screenwriter is now supported by Kacper, who focuses on game design and Patryk, our lead programmer, can count on Darek.

Apart of that, we are also hosting three great student interns who help us with sound production, game design and graphic design! 

Below you can see a picture of us with the newest CD Action, the biggest Polish gaming magazine, where you can find a big preview of Crossroads Inn.

Gameplay & code

Work on the game enters a crucial phase, our developers stay longer and longer after hours, which means that the crunch time is coming!:)

We keep you informed about the progress of work  on the #changelog channel on our Discord.  You will find there all the details about our current state of work on new elements of the game and the patches we make, as well. 

Now, we are working on both the sandbox and the campaign, but we also pay a lot of attention to improving the bugs and features that you report to us. We hope you can see the progress:)

We haven’t been bragging about it before but we are developing some really cool and entertaining small games inside the tavern and we are really excited about it. 🙂 

We also have some bad news for Mac owners. Right now we need to focus all our efforts on the best possible refinement of the code on the PC and fixing bugs. If we leave some broken elements somewhere there in the code and start doing Mac, you know… neither PC or Mac will work. We are really sorry for that but it’s crucial to save time and work efficiently on the code.

We will be able to work on the Mac version only in a month or two. Nothing changes, the game will be available on this system 100%. So don’t worry!


Graphic design.

Jakub Kaktus and Tomek have been working mostly on new characters in the game. Mateusz and Paweł focus on items and furniture in the game – as an innkeeper you will choose between a great diversity of different tools and kitchen furniture.

And here some of the furniture:


PR & Marketing activity:

We announced some weeks ago that we invite Paweł Sakowski on board – this guy had a pleasure to work on the set of Game of Thrones. Paweł will be responsible for the Polish voice over and will be present in our marketing campaign. As our ambasador and had the chance to talk about Crossroads Inn in the biggest Polish media such us: Onet or Polish National Radio. He was also present at Pyrkon convent in Poznan.

As we mentioned, Crossroads Inn receive a really nice preview in CD Action and in Hungarian PC Guru. And those previews look really cool:)