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Monthly Update – May.

Dear Innkeepers!

Its’ time for our monthly update. Below you will find a quick recap of our work in the past month.

Gameplay & code

Our devs are working hard every day and we already know the names of our pizza delivery men. 

That really means something! 

Last month we have implemented such options as:

  •  the possibility of building multiple floors in your tavern. 
  •  the option of setting work schedule for your employees.
  • random events such as fires.

Apart of that we are mostly focusing right now on polishing elements that are already in the game and adding small improvements and ideas which have come along the way. Thanks to you, by the way:)

And now it’s time for the big news!


Mini games in your Inn – Knife throwing!

It’s the first game we have developed for your inn.

How does it work? Quite simply.

1) First you will have to buy a shield for your inn.

2) Then in your inn will be appearing customers who will challenge you to a duel. 

Money, special items, recipes and many other special things will be at stake.

3) Each of you will have three knives to throw in several rounds. After each round the winner will have to drink a pint of beer. This means that in the next round the picture will be rocking and your accuracy will be very impaired. It will be more and more difficult with each round, but also more and more funny! 

 project video thumbnail

That’s definitely not the end of the games you will be able to play in your inn!

Graphic design:

Our graphic design team have been working on special characters and guests. The results are really promising. 

Here you can find Alstero:

And his squire:)

We also did a pretty decent job with the furniture and liquors!


We have been working on our presence on PAX WEST and Gamescom in Cologne, altough we will be there only in the business area with our publisher  – Klabater. If you are a journalist, a blogger or you would to talk with us, let us know:

We have also appeared in the Polish Eurogamer with a really nice preview.

Have a great weekend and let us know if you have any other questions!