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Tavern Tales coming- Crossroads Inn’s monthly update

Dear Innkeepers!

What a month it’s been!

We rush to you with news about what is happening in our team and what we are currently working on. 


First of all – we will be present at Gamescom. 

It will be a special event, as we are going to announce the release date of Crossroads Inn and show a playable demo of the game!

We will be meeting journalists, Youtubers and many interesting people. If you are planning to be in the business area, let us know – we would love to meet you! We will have some fresh coffee and cold beverages so you have to be there!

You can book a meeting by writing us an email:

But that’s not the end of great news!



We have received many requests regarding the possibility of buying the game after the Kickstarter campaign. Now you can do it, as our e-shop is open!  Feel free to share it with your friends!




We want to bring you closer to the world of Delcrys and its specific inhabitants and their stories.

Paweł Sakowski, an actor who played in The Game of Thrones, will take you on a journey through the inn-keeping stories from Delcrys!

Watch Tavern Tales from Delcrys!


Next episodes will debut each Thursday on our Youtube channel and our Facebook page so be sure you follow us!


The progress we have made with game itself:

  • Patryk, our lead programmer, keeps you up to date at our Discord channel and if you are not there yet – we cordially invite you there once again. 
  • In the section #changelog you can find the topics, our team has been working on.

Among them you can find:

  • Now you can craft your resources: 

smokehouse: pork -> sausage 
candle makers: wax -> candles 
quern: cereals->flour
bread oven: flour->bread

  •  You can negotiate the salary of your employees (which was actually your idea, as we haven’t thought about it honestly).
  • From now on you can also craft your own beer as well as cultivate veggies for you inn.
  • We have added some new special guest.
  • You can set prices for your rooms & beds now.
  • We have also improved the upgrade tree.
  • Multiple bug fixes have been made.

Graphic design:

our team have been working both on the guests and furniture.

PR & Marketing

Our team has focused this month on preparing our presence on multiple upcoming events as Gamescom is not the only place you will be able to meet us!

Apart of that, we have also been preparing a lot of great video content which will be published in the upcoming days!

We almost forgot about the cool part! Currently we are brewing our own beers! The classic Martyn’s Delight and a brand new Klabater!