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In-game factions – Birdhouse


Birdhouse is a bunch of cutthroats, thieves, beggars and other life survivors, who usually live on the street. Representatives of this faction can be found in every town. You can recognize them by attached bird feathers to their clothes. Their usual place of assembly are the roofs of buildings. They usually sit there, planning who has recently become excessively rich and who is worth plucking off.

The main value of the members of this faction is loyalty. Every member can count on the help of his compatriot. However, this help never comes for free. Its beneficiary can be sure that he will soon have to reciprocate the favor.

Depending on the way of earning, members of the birdhouse assume the names of different birds. Pickpockets are Magpies. Burglars call themselves Cuckoses. Nightingales are spies, Larks are beggars and Blackbird is a paid killer.