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The capital of Yorevale – Orrey

They say Orrey was created in the place where the last living giant died. Or rather, where he was killed by people. The rulers of the time decided to build a city in honor of this victory. And because the surrounding area was rich in fertile land, it developed very quickly and gained the status of the capital of the country. In the northern parts of the city you can find old buildings, which are considered to be the remains of the giants. They include a tower, which is the seat of the Birdhouse.

Orrey is located on a hill, at the intersection of three rivers having their source in the north. They are navigable, so the city is better communicated. Orrey is home to the Yorevale royal court. A magnificent castle with internal walls towers over the city. In the central part is located the impressive University with the largest library on the continent. With adjacent villages is the largest center of the Delcrys.