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Imagine being a mastermind, sending your minions into the world to retrieve unknown riches and tell tales of far and wide! Please, meet your minions – Adventurers.

Adventurers are a very special type of employee. Just like Bards and Vedetas they require their own private room. However, their main focus in not on the patrons of the inn. The Adventurers seek glory, riches, and fame – and hope that teaming up with you is the best way to achieve it. All they want is a room, a warm bed, and somewhere to lick their wounds, and in exchange they are willing to share their spoils with you.

The map of Delcrys shows the whole of known world, and you can send your Adventurer wherever you see fit, if only a mighty quest, intriguing challenge, or great treasure awaits him. Sure, sometimes the quest can go bad, and your employee might return with nothing. But with time he’s prowess in adventuring is sure to grow and with it – your gain. Remember that being ready to risk is a big part of being a businessman, and a businessman an innkeeper is.