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Dare ye dream the unimaginable?

Is it your destiny, brave one, to know the most uncanny journey, without even leaving the comfort of your cosy abode?

And to then become a powerful political force, not by slaying dragons, not by conquering hostile armies or saving damsels in distress but by simply growing your little business?

Aye, for ye are the right proud owner of the Crossroads Inn and this, dear friend, is just the beginning of your great and unfolding adventure.

Pests & Puppies coming to you on 28th of January!

Final countdown for first DLC of the Crossroads Inn! Are you bored with rats? On 28th of January first Pests and Puppies will appear in Delcrys! Some of them, like Liquorats, will try to interrupt your business by drinking all the wine.

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A new Crossroads Inn scenario

In addition the implementation of Steam Workshop to Crossroads Inn, we have a special contest for you! Your task is to create your own scenario in the Crossroads Inn Editor.

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