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Dare ye dream the unimaginable?

Is it your destiny, brave one, to know the most uncanny journey, without even leaving the comfort of your cosy abode?

And to then become a powerful political force, not by slaying dragons, not by conquering hostile armies or saving damsels in distress but by simply growing your little business?

Aye, for ye are the right proud owner of the Crossroads Inn and this, dear friend, is just the beginning of your great and unfolding adventure.

Patch 2.0 + Halloween Update!

Dear Friends, As we promised few days ago, today we release update 2.0 for Crossroads Inn. The game is already heavily patched, but today’s update contains really important tweaks that innkeepers from all around Delcrys asked for loud and clear.

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Crossroads Inn is available now!

WARSAW, POLAND – 24th October – Kraken Unleashed and Klabater are delighted to announce that Crossroads Inn, the highly anticipated fantasy tavern sim with RPG elements, is now available on PC via Steam and GOG.

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