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Vedetas – the Daughters of the Moon.

Vedetas play a significant role in Delcrys. Dabbling in harlotry, they are an object of desire and contempt for numerous people. At the same time, they are feared and able to remain independent. All because of their power to cast curses, bestowed upon them by the deity of the moon.

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How to recruit a Bard?

In most RPG games, a Bard plays a minor role. He rather serves as a decoration to the plot and the developers tend not to involve him in the gameplay too much. When it comes to the Crossroads Inn, however, the situation is completely different.

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Check out game screenshots!

Curious how the game looks? Want to feel the atmosphere of your inn at this very moment? We have something especially for you. Take a look at screenshots from the Crossroads Inn! As an innkeeper of Crossroads Inn, you will be able to freely build and expand your venue.

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Crossroads Inn – the beginning of a new adventure!

In the world of Role Playing Games, usually every adventure begins in a tavern and every adventure ends in one. When it comes to us, it’s a little different. In our game, the tavern is the adventure itself. Welcome to the world of Crossroads Inn! Screenshot from the early stage of the project.

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